About the Association


NAVIGATOR Black Sea Association of Cruise Tourizmwas established in 2013 and registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation Directorate for the Krasnodar Territory.

NAVIGATOR BSACT is a public organization that unites Russian and international travel companies operating in the cruise industry.

The objective of NAVIGATOR BSACT is development and popularization of mass cruise and yacht tourism in the Azov and Black Sea region.


The major tasks of NAVIGATOR BSACT:


  • Development of cooperation of the Association with the cruise companies and business partners in Russia and abroad;
  • Attracting international cruise companies in the Russian Black Sea ports by creating teamwork in the port services and tourism organizations;
  • Development of integration processes between the countries of the Black Sea basin;
  • Promoting the revival of own Black Sea cruise fleet, small shipping and circular cruises along the Azov and Black Sea coast;
  • Establishing cruise and yacht clubs under the Association;
  • Assistance in the improvement of legislative regulation of cruise tourism with governmental and local authorities;
  • Protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the Association members;
  • Providing conditions for effective work of the Association members and coordinating their activities;
  • Arranging for training employees for coastal excursions, training managers to promote the cruise and yacht products;
  • Performing promotional activities in the mass media in Russian and foreign languages​​, participation in exhibitions, specialized conferences and workshops, carrying out outreach activities.

NAVIGATOR BSACT participates in the development of domestic and outbound cruise and yacht tourism in Russia, as well as establishing international links with the leading associations and organizations engaged in the cruise industry.

The Association is open for cooperation with the cruise companies, international cruise corporations, Azov and Black Sea ports, specialized commercial and non-profit agencies, public and governmental organizations. Moreover, we look forward to seeing among our members the investors and natural personsengaged in the cruise tourism.


 If you become a partner of the Association, your business will receive practical gains and benefits:


  • professional experience and consulting assistance;
  • advertizing and marketing support;
  • an opportunity to participate in commercial, presentation, educational and outreach programs;
  • using partnership with the Association to strengthen the image of your own business and business reputation.

Together we represent a force, capable of solving the most complex challenges so as the Azov and Black Sea coast may become one of the top cruise destinations.