“There is no doubt that everybody is always required to be with those who protect the interests of its business.”

Victor Tivin


NAVIGATOR BSACT represents the interests of the Association’s members and provides them with advantages in the effective development of their own business, as well as expands the information platform to render and promote the services of the Association’s members on the cruise market.

Membership in NAVIGATOR BSACT will give you an opportunity to expand and strengthen the business contacts with Russian partners, as well as promote more effective establishing international relations with the leading associations and organizations, operating in the cruise industry. 

Collaboration with NAVIGATOR BSACT can give you the following advantages and benefits:

  • free consulting, advertising and marketing support (free publication of news, offers, promotions on the website of the Association, as well as joint participation in PR campaigns and promotions in mass media on a priority basis);
  • participation of the Association members in Russian and international trade exhibitions dedicated to cruise and yacht tourism at special rates;
  • free or discounted participation in educational programs for training cruise industry experts, as well as in outreachprograms and presentations;
  • assistance in overcoming the administrative barriers in terms of arrangement ofcoastal excursions for the cruise ships passengers, as well as in general issues;
  • an opportunity to invite the world’s leading experts and consultants to participate in the educational programs aimed to promote the cruise and yacht product;
  • Use of NAVIGATOR BSACT logo to strengthen your image and that of the Association‘s partners;
  • an opportunity ofdiscounted hotel accommodation on the Black Sea coast and abroad;
  • an opportunity to participate in the everyday life of the cruise and yacht tourism and to influence the situation at the legislative level.

The Association is open for cooperation with the Russian and foreign cruise companies as well as with other organizations, engaged in the cruise industry. The Association will play a vital role in establishing the cruise policy in the South of Russia, recognizing the importance of local relationships, and participate in shaping the regulatory framework for the development of the cruise industry in other regions of Russia and foreign countries.

We invite you to cooperate withNAVIGATORBSACT!