New private marina was opened in Sochi Olympic park

zns_0599__029b0q4 (1)The first stage of private yacht marina was opened in the Imeretinskiy seaport.  According to the  post-Olympic development, this new marina became a part of the Maritime Quarter of Russia’s first all-season resort. It was designed for all types of yachts and is able to accommodate vessels as with Russian as well as with International registrations.

The first private marina is located in the Olympic village of Sochi, opposite the “Aivazovsky” hotel. The marina is able to provide services all year round for more than 40 yachts.

The first stage of the marina includes three lines of floating docks length of 45 meters each. Two mooring lines have “fingers” for mooring yachts up to 15 meters long. In the third line (pier), yachts up to 45 meters can be moored . There is also an opportunity to park as super-yachts up to 120 meters as well as small boats and aquabikes.

The “Imeretin” marina is made in accordance with the latest European standards by Marintek. Port Imeretinskiy operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To read more about the marina services, please click here.