Sochi ports marinas


The city of Sochi has two ports with marinas for yachts – a marina of the central Sochi seaport (Sochi Grand Marina) and the marina of Imeretinsky port.

Sochi Seaport

Sochi commercial seaport is an important transport hub on the Russian Black Sea coast. It has 70 years of experience of work with shipping companies, transport companies and ship crews from different countries. Since 2003 it has been a member of MEDCRUISE Association of Mediterranean Cruise Ports. Since 2006 it has been a member of BASPA Association of Azov Sea and Black Sea ports. Staff competence and comfortable passenger terminal provide the most sophisticated passengers service. Grand Marina is located in the central Sochi seaport. Its pontoon berths can accommodate 230 yachts, including six yachts of 40 to 50 meters long. The marina technical area can house up to 20 yachts up to 20 meters long.

In 2008, during the initial period of preparation for the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games, the Program of construction of Olympic facilities was launched; its separate paragraph was named “The development of the coastal infrastructure of Sochi seaport.” Significant investments in hydro-engineering and other protective structures were made by the Federal Government within the public and private partnership, which created in Sochi city port favorable wave conditions and allowed the investor in the person of Novoship, OJSC and the project team of the investor represented by Sochi Seaport, OJSC, the traditional Sochi seaport operator, to develop and implement the most complex and unique project of a sole so far in the country premium class marina. This project was called “Sochi Grand Marina.”

Since October, 2013, Sochi Grand Marina has opened its sea gates to the port guests. By 2016, the marina has been planned to be expanded up to 300 berths. Sochi Grand Marina is also considered as a venue for national and international regattas, launched with Tall Ships Regatta in May, 2014. The following Russian and foreign experts and consultants took part in the implementation of the project: Mourjan Marinas IGY, Marinetek Finland OY, SF Marina Group Sweden, Yugmorstroy-T, LLC.

Year-round berths at concrete pontoon pier made by Marinetek (Finland) and SF Marina (Sweden) ensures comfort and safety. The maximum estimated waves in the harbor does not exceed 0.6 m during storms, repeated once every 50 years.

All Sochi Grand Marina berths are covered with Wi-Fi, provided for the marina customers free of charge. The password is issued in the marina office.

Imeretinsky Port

Imeretinsky Port has become the first universal port, built in the modern Russia, and the only multi-function port that was constructed in Russia as a result of public and private partnership.

On July 15, 2014, the first stage of a yacht marina was inaugurated in Imeretinsky Port. According to the draft post-Olympic development project, the marina has become an integral part of the Maritime Quarter of Russia’s first all-season premium class Imeretinsky resort area.

The marina’s first stage includes three lines of floating piers 45 meters long each. Two lines have docking “fingers” for mooring yachts up to 15 meters long. The third line (the pier) can accommodate yachts up to 45 meters long.

Thanks to convenient and secure port waters, the port is capable to accommodate super-yachts up to 120 meters long. Separate area is reserved for short-term parking of boats and aquabikes.

Imeretinsky Port marina offers the following services:

  • Servicing passenger ships and yachts

  • Passing powdered and mixed freight

  • Customs broker’s services

  • Freight forwarding services

  • Towing services

  • Ship surveyor’s service

  • Ship agency.


NAVIGATORBSACT is ready to provide assistance in arranging a berth in one of the Sochi marinas under beneficial conditions.