Sochi wow

sochi_wow3The agency ‘Sochi wow’ provides quality guided tours in the territory of Sochi city in English and German languages. Excursions in other languages are also available.

The guides are usually locals and are informative and knowledgeable. More to it, most of them are experienced in doing shore excursions and know how to keep the timing and the program.

A variety of excursions within the city limits and in the environs of Greater Sochi can be offered by the company. The excursions to a brand-new alpine ski center or to the ice palaces on the Black Sea shoreline are definitely enjoyable. Custom tours are available at request.

The vehicles provided are clean and modern.


The company strives for the highest quality in each of the tour experiences and does appreciate your positive impressions brought away when visiting Sochi.



Phone.: +7 918 3077220