Soland DMC


Soland agency was established in December, 2000.

During last years, Soland has acquired a bid experience in the field of the delivery of the hospitality services and running events for the Russian and foreign guests.

For today the operation of the agency can be divided into two main periods: Pre-Olympics and Olympics.

Till the end of the year of 2010 Soland has delivered the hospitality services (transport, accommodation, tours, events) generally for the Russian clients and VIP individuals. The most interesting and bright events were done for the Russian companies, or branches, such as: Beeline, KNAUF, SUEK, Gazpromneft, Merc.

For 4 consecutive years Soland has taken an active part in servicing the guests of the Annual International Economical forum in Sochi.

From 2011 Soland has started a completely new period of professional development it the field of the international Olympic business.

Soland became a trusted partner for several Olympic National Committees and main Olympic sponsors.

In the pre-period Soland was doing active operations in receiving the delegations of the Foreign Olympic companies and agencies representatives, making various inspections and searching for the proper accommodation for the agencies managers, sponsors and the Olympic committees; creating the transport logistics and searching the best venues for the different events for the official guests of Sochi 2014.

All our longstanding experience has allowed to deserve the trust of the official representatives of the National Olympic committees of Canada, Norway, the Netherlands, USA, South Corea and Czech republic, several sport agencies and sponsors.

During the Olympics our main clients became: Procter-&-Gamble, VISA, British Petroleum, WiedenKennedy, Canon.

Our main partners were: GMR, SportsWorld, TrekkingHellas, Ludus Tours, Accord, IBT.

Today our professional experience confidently allows us to make the events on the highest level, giving the most highest qualitative rankings.

We provide the whole complex of land services in the principium of “from arriving to departing” with the most attentive attitude to every detail, during the whole event.


19/4 Kurortniy prospekt Str.,
Sochi, 354000, Russia
Phone: +7 862 266 20 20
Cell phone:: +7 918 206 46 37